Johanna Vetis is an alternative model based in Belgrade, Serbia.

Behind her mind-boggling good looks she hides some serious brain-power, big heart and insane amount of energy.

Because she wants to help people in need and those left behind, Johanna is studying to become a social worker. Johanna also have a degree in English and she recently took on learning sewing and patternmaking. She loves animals and often takes in injured strays to nurse them back to health.

Her modeling career started by pure accident, as someone sent her prom photos to a professional photographer who called her in for a photo shoot in that same outfit she wore on a prom night.

Soon, she found herself getting more and more noticed by fashion designers and photographers and invited to do photoshoots, videos and fashion shows. Needless to say, she became overwhelmed with the idea of becoming a model.

As she met some of her best friends through modeling; her favorite part of working as a model is meeting new people. Overly energetic, extremely friendly and super cute, she is usually instantly liked in any company.

Her absolute modeling idols are Kato and Razor Candi and she would be absolutely out of her mind if she had a chance to work with one of them in the future.

Johanna enjoys spending time with her little brother, making practical jokes on her younger sister who is also a model, watching gifs with sound and wasting time on the internet. She claims her biggest talent is distracting people from serious work and eating enormous amounts of food while in super-tightly laced corset.